Innovation not an overnight story ..but 15 year journey, Read StarTechGroup Journey

Systemic change, relationship re-connection and freedom to succeed define the intent, vision and mission of the Acclaim team members. Systemic change for the entire organization to move in one direction is the intent, relationship reconnection to reinforce fundamental values is the vision and supporting individual “freedom to succeed” in education & career environments is the mission. Einstein’s wisdom & Christensen’s insights on innovation are the guiding principles for our team.

Albert Einstein: 

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we were using when we created them”. 

Definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Clayton M. Christensen on what it takes for an organization to move in the right direction:

“Mechanisms that can shift an organization - First: Success builds consensus and moves the team in the right direction, together”. 

Second: People are given a common language and a common frame to define a problem, which can occur if there is a sound theory that people broadly understand. With a ‘Common Language and Common Framing’ of the problem, tools like strategic planning, measurement systems, and salesmanship (growth) can be effective. Change can be only made possible if the senior leadership is assertive in the direction that needs to taken i.e. effective use of the power that lies within the leadership”.

Think Different: Systemic change is not possible with symptom management. Relationship re-connection in a domain directs strategic energies to provide system support to Key Performance Indicator of core customers. Innovative rearrangement of relationships to support systemic change is the start of ‘think different’ pathway.

Do Different: Individual and team success stories propel the organization on a systemic platform to do different. Providing that systemic platform to support redirected relationships is the technology with vision, mission & purpose of a value centric organization. Innovative imagination is the catalyst that drives the entire organization to progress relentlessly on the pathway to success.

Technology with Purpose: Think different, do different. Let success move the team in the right direction on a common language made possible by an assertive leadership. Framing of Systems and processes with integrated values is the technology pathway to achieve individual growth and organization/domain success. Freedom to succeed is everyone’s right! That is our purpose. Health & Education are the target domains for relationship rearrangement by the Star Tech Group. Our product and service genetic code is designed to liberate the innovative spirit in all of us to succeed! Join us on this exciting journey.

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